Un programma di mobilità giovanile internazionale promosso dalla Xunta de Galizia (Spagna)

L’arrivo di Raquel…

Hello everyone,

This is my first contact with a volunteer program and I am very happy to be able to do it. Its name is Galeuropa and belongs to the Xunta de Galicia, located in Spain. This has a duration of two and a half months in which the shipping association in Spain contacts S.E.M.I in Italy to find the activities that best suit your professional training and your studies.
For now I have only been in Faenza for three days, the city where the volunteer program is located and what I have been able to observe is that it is a small but very cozy town, with all the comforts, with a very beautiful architecture and with many green areas where You can walk, relax, play sports, among other things.

Soon I will continue to inform you about the activities you do so that more people are encouraged to live this experience.